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    Steven Dasz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; he started Tae Kwoon Do training when he was ten years old and soon after joined tournaments, in 1992 Steven initiated his training on the Japanese martial arts Ninjitsu and Aikido he also got started in competitive gymnastics; two years after, Steven joined the competitive gymnastics team for the River Plate Athletic Sports club. In 1996 Mr. Dasz travelled to Sao Paulo, Brazil in order to train Ving Tsun Kung Fu directly from the master Leo Imamura, many more trips to Brazil followed the first one, in which Steven trained Capoeira and at the same time kept in touch with different masters.

    In 2004, he played the main role in the short action film The Contact, he also directed the action scenes, choreographed the fights, and co-edited the film entirely. Afterwards, Steven wrote and starred in the short Evolucion. He then played a Ninja in the short film The New Guy which had the honor of being screened in the Egyptian Theatre of Hollywood. Steven also participated in the film of Pedro Jaen Tras los Pasos Del Bandolero as the Kung Fu Intructor in October of 2009.

    In year 2010, Steven moved to Hong Kong to work around Asia pacific. His firts jobs was called Medallion of Kung Fu with Gordon Liu, followed by Viral Factor with Dante Lam whom a Director and this was film in Jordan Middle East, after the two movies. He received another project which is 7 Aum arivue it’s an Indian movie which filmed in Hong Kong, his another project he has been receiving a contract for Ek Tha Tiger with Salman Khan and it was filmed in Mumbai, India thus for a Joker Game it’s a Japanese movie shoot in Batam, Indonesia and the last one was Iban Warrior filmed in the jungle of Malaysia. All the movies that he has done was a great experience for him and a rewarding career that he may bring to his next level of his career in movie production films.




    Training Fight Choreographys in ACT (Action Cinema Training).

    He performed as a soldier in a school-theater,in this event assist his teacher in the choreography and bringing this his interest in stage combat and martial arts movies (1988).

    Trampoline training in Buenos Aires Argentina with the founder of the sports acrobatic, the now defunct Joe Graciano.

    Start training martial arts when was 10 years (Tae Kwon Do).

    Attended at Catholic School Monsenor Antonio Sabelli in Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1982/1989.

    Did a Workshop in Physical Trainning imparted by Cory Everson (Miss Olimpia 6 times) in Buenos Aires.

    Young brother of Damian Rilo and Twin brother of Andrew Dasz.

    Lived in Argentina (Buenos Aires) 24 years, in Brazil (Sao Paulo) 7 months, in Spain (Malaga/Madrid/Barcelona/Canary Island) 7 years and in Los Angeles (California, USA) 1 year.

    He began to teach Acrobatics and Stage Combat in Madrid, Spain (2007).

    Met and trained with Bill Superfoot Wallace in Buenos Aires Seminar (1991).

    Started training Kung Fu Wu-Shu in Buenos Aires, Argentina(2002). Also, trained in Los Angeles, California (2004) and Sau Paulo, Brazil.

    Made the teaser for Stunt Games, where he suffered a sprained right knee in testing prior to filming.

    He likes to incorporate in his fight choreography different martial arts styles and combat sports. Kung Fu, Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing.

    The role of Spanish Combat Bull in The Medallion of Kung Fu whit Gordon Liu (as Chia Hui Liu) was offered to Andrew Dasz, but he couldn’t make it. His twin brother, Steven Dasz, was cast instead.

    He started training Ving Tsun in Chin Wan School whit Sifu Claudio Direnzo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    He traveled to Sao Paulo, at age 19, for training Kung Fu Ving Tsun in a Moy Yat Ving Tsun whit Sifu Leo Imamura.

    He start training Western Boxing in Almagro Boxing Club (Parque Centenario), also training in McKein Fitnness (Colegiales) and YPF Sport Club, in the city of Buenos Aires.

    He started training Capoeira in Buenos Aires (2000). Also training in Sao Paulo, Brazil whit different schools and Masters.

    He is of Spanish descent and Italian/Argentinian descent.

    Son of Jose Antonio Rilo Barreiro and Susana Jacinta Lacquaniti.

    He started rock climbing in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1998.

    Also trained in Greco-Roman and Wrestling in CENARD (Centro Nacional de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo) when he was in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1998.

    Has strong interest in Tai Chi, he started practicing when he was living in Buenos Aires, continued when he moved to Tarragona, Barcelona. He has been training with a Chinese Sifu in Hong Kong since 2009.

    In 2006, took private Boxing Western Class with Yambito Gamboa in East LA (USA).

    Steven is very enthusiastic to try new sports and fighting arts. He has practiced Tae Kwon Do, Skate, Ninjutsu, Aikido, Gymnastics, Ving Tsun Kung Fu, Climbing, Trampoline, Roller, Competition Aerobics, Yoga, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Tai Chi, Capoeira, Karate, Kendo and Sepak Takraw.

    When he was 11 years old, he started playing japanese traditional weapon called Nunchaku.

    In May 2010, he had his right knee operated on and it took him more than 5 months to recover after trying a few different therapies like Lymphatic massage, Tecar, Ultrasound, Electro stimulation. He said that this surgery was the most hardest time that he ever experienced.

    When he worked in the short film Mujer de Luna (2005) as a production assistant, he met Director (David Xarach), Steven proposed David to do a short movie together. In 2006, they eventually planned to pursue this idea, so before Steven travelled back to Los Angeles, he went to Canary Island a few weeks to meet up David daily in order to make this idea happen. In 2007, they started with the Teaser and followed with the shooting in the same year. The last scene of Stunt Games was filmed in the city of Madrid in 2009, and was completed in 2010.

    Steven works with a few legendary Martial Arts Action Stars: Chia Hui Liu aka Gordon Liu (The Medallion of Kung Fu), Jackie Chan (Chinese Zodiac) and Chin Ka Lok (The Viral Factor).

    He worked in several TV series at TVB (Hong Kong), like the other Kung Fu actors e.g. Donnie Yuen, where they started their career.

    He works as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Martial Arts Instructor around Asia, (Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore.)

    Was a member of Instituto Chung AMET (Asociacion Metropolitana de Tae Kwon Do) and Centro Argentino de Tae Kwon Do in Buenos Aires – Argentina.



    Model Physical Parameters:

    Age: 37
    Height: 5′ 7″
    Weight: 143 lbs

    You can find more information about me in IMDb


    You can contact me by e-mail: [email protected]



    Skype  leung yuen feng



    Martial Arts – Interpretation – Staging

    The choreographed fights were developed in the Hong Kong cinema, where the best action movies are being made and they provide a lot of work for the area.

    Jackie Chan introduced a whole new style of choreography in the 1980’s with the movie “Police Story”. Another master of this art is Yuen Woo Ping, who the world got to know through his special way of displaying action in the Matrix Trilogy.

    The camera never lies. When you know martial arts or you are an actor, you might learn how to develop your movements creatively and fluently before the camera.

    This knowledge includes:

    General Movements of Martial Arts & Combat Sports
    Acrobatics and Stunt Techniques
    Expressions and Reactions
    Staging Scenes

    For more information get in touch with us:
    [email protected]



    (Films – Tv shows – Tv Commercial – Short movies – Stage shows)

    – Cupido – (TV Reality) – Much Music – Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2002)

    – THE CONTACT (Short Movie) – Actor/Action Director/Stunt Player/Co-editor/Co-director – ProAction Films – Madrid, Spain.(2004)

    – LIMITE 30 (TV Show) – Interview  – Benalmadena TV – Malaga, Spain.(2005)

    – MUJER DE LUNA (Short Movie) – Ayudante de Produccion  – Potencia Producciones – David Xarach – Canarias, Spain. (2005)

    – AMOR HIDROGENO (Short) – Actor/ Cinematographer/ Script / Co-Director / Co-Editor – 3/4 Producciones. Malaga, Spain.(2006)

    – EVOLUCION (Short Movie) – Actor/ Action Director/ Fight Choreographer – E.Schargorodsky – Malaga, Spain. (2006)

    – SOLOPTICAL (Commercial Tv) – Actor/ Fight Director and Stunt Player – Bypass Comunication. Malaga, Spain. (2006)

    – TAE BO AMPED (Infomercial) – Audience Member – Euro RSCG – Los Angeles,CA(USA).(2006)

    – THE NEW GUY (Short Film) – Actor (Ninja) – Michael Schoonover – Los Angeles,CA.(USA)

    – KISS THE BRIDE (Film) – Extra – C. Jay Cox – Los Angeles,CA.(USA)

    – FLOAT (Film) – Fight Choreographer – Johnny Asuncion – Los Angeles,CA.(USA)

    – GO HOME (Short Movie) – Actor Secundario – ECAM – Madrid, Spain.

    – MENUDA DECISION (Tv Reality) Himself – Cuatro Tv – Zaragoza, Spain.

    – STUNT GAMES (Film) – Actor/ Action Director/ Fight Choreographer – Potencia Producciones – David Xarach. Canarias, Spain.

    – TEMPTACIONS (Video Clip) – Model – Urban Culture Studios – Robert Bonet – Tarragona, Spain.

    – MADRID 2016 (Show Live) – Capoeira show live – Madrid, Spain.

    – ISPAHAN (Short Movie) – Actor secundario – AP Entertainment – Angel Pazos. Madrid, Spain.

    – SHOW RECORD GUINNESS (TV Show) – Competitor (Explota Globos) – Italia, Roma.

    – QUE APOSTAMOS? – 2008 – (TV Show) – Competitor (Karateca Explota Globos) – Madrid, Spain.

    – Dr. PITANGU (Video Clip) – Fighter – Aram Producciones – Madrid, Spain.

    – ESTO ES COSA DE HOMBRES (Short) – Actor/ Fight Choreographer – Elio Millan – Madrid, Spain.

    – ROMPIENDO LAS REGLAS (Show Premier) – Actor/ Fight Choreographer – Way to Blue – Madrid, Spain.


    Actor’s  Studio – Teacher: Adam Black – Madrid, Spain. October 2003

    ACT (Action Cinema Training) Fight Choreographys training.
    Kerry Wong & Reuben Langdon – Los Angeles,CA.(USA).2004

    Malaga Film Workshop – Script/Filmaking/Editing – Malaga, Spain.2005


    Kung fu Ving Tsun, Tae Kwon Do ITF, Western Boxing, Capoeira Regional, Artificial Rock Climbing &; Sepak Takraw.

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